Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update from Christy on planning her own wedding!

This was an experience all in it's own and something I would recommend to all brides. It not only gave me the opportunity to finally feel like a "real" bride, but also allowed me to get the feel for my dress and shoes. I also could not decide if I wanted to wear my hair up or down so I did both for the portraits. It was great to be able to look at the pictures afterwards and see how I would look either way on the wedding day. So, I made up my mind, but you will just ha
ve to wait and see! Thank you to my "entourage"...make sure you take one with you! I was blessed to have my mother, furture mother-in-law and Elyn there with me. Heather, as always, you made me feel so beautiful! Laurel and Sara from Patrick Properties were nice enough to lend me Lowndes Grove for a couple hours to make it all come together. Can't wait to post pictures but will have to wait until after the wedding...can't have anyone seeing me in my dress:)
Our Bar is Stocked! This is my advice to bridal parties...give your bride and groom a Stock the Bar party. Some of our bridesmaids and groomsmen gave us one and it was a perfect "couples shower". We not only have our bar stocked but also had the chance to hang out with all of our friends and celebrate. It was such a great time!!!!


Did I just make a Decision? Being proud of myself doesn't even explain it! I finally decided what I wanted for florals. Not only did I make a decision...I am going to stick to it. I can't give myself full credit because Elyn had to finally sit me down and "help" me make up my mind. Again, reason number 526 to have a supportive wonderful wedding planner and floral designer! I can't show you the designs yet. You'll have to tune in after my wedding and see all the final touches. In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of my colors........
Wow, I can't believe that the wedding is less than a month away! The past year has flown by and Chris and I both are so excited that we will finally be married. My advice for brides during the last weeks before the wedding is to remember that everything will fall into place. In my case, thanks to Elyn! Instead of being stressed out, enjoy the last few weeks engaged. Chris and I have had fun rearranging my house and buying small things to make it "ours". We have also been going through our presents and deciding where everything will go. It has been a lot of fun playing "house". Can't wait until it is our HOME!

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