Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to prevent this

The internet is buzzing lately with the horrible story about the couple who returned from their wedding reception to find their apartment ransacked. The thieves even took the toilet roll off the holder and the clothes from the closets. It was a complete 'move-out'! So how could something like this possibly happen?

Every day millions of brides around the world are busy announcing their weddings, talking about the time-lines and making plans for their honeymoons. And...they talk openly about everything that is taking place. In restaurants, in the hair salon, at work, in the supermarket and just about everywhere.
This poor couple did the same thing and when you watch the clip, you may think to yourself, well that's just not possible where I live. But think again, after doing a little research, we've found that the most prime times for burglaries are, believe it or not, during weddings and funerals! As horrible as it seems, this is what professional burglars prey on. They scan through newspapers and scope out the sections with announcements such as weddings and funerals. This is when they are sure no one will be home. Not even neighbors, as they'll no doubt be attending too. They calculate and move with speed and can clean an entire 3 bedroom apartment out within one hour. People passing by will just assume its moving day and be none the wiser.
So how can you prevent something like this happening to you? Always lean on the side of caution and make preparations before your wedding. If you've announced your wedding and know you will not be returning to your residence before the honeymoon, then make arrangements for someone or a good soul neighbor to keep an eye on your apartment/home while you're gone. Enlist the help of a good neighbor to be particularly aware of the wedding day itself and report anything suspicious. If you don't know your neighbors, make it a point to introduce yourself before the wedding and also the local police department if you're going to be away for more than a couple of days. Better yet, see if you can find someone that will be willing to stay at your home while you're gone.
This posting is not meant to panic anyone or make anyone paranoid, but do be aware. Better being safe than sorry.

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