Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getaway Vehicle

Nothing screams Getaway better than a classic car as a surprise to the unexpected couple.  If you're anything like us, you'll appreciate the restoration of this beautiful Chevy Malibu that was decorated for fun to await the couple's departure. 

Boone Hall Cotton Dock

We cannot express (even through pictures) how beautiful this wedding was.  It was held at Boone Hall Plantation and it was the rainiest day of the year.  That's right.  Torrential downpour until right after the ceremony itself was completed.  As if by some miracle, at the end of the ceremony as the couple said "I DO", the sun came out and rays of sunshine blessed this wedding.  

The rustic atmosphere of the Cotton Dock at Boone Hall and the talents of all the team at A Charleston Event & Charleston Florals transformed the empty barn into a beautiful vintage theme that had all the guests feeling as if they were stepping back in time.  

This is only a sneak preview of the setting.  The talents of photographer Karyn Iserman will be shown later on, but in the meantime, enjoy and pull some great ideas from this detailed wedding from A Charleston Event and the ACE Team.


The vintage look was made possible partially by the bride's family who brought with them a variety of antiques that have been dear to their hearts as the children were growing up.  I think our favorite part of the entire wedding was the hand-made cake stand that the father of the bride made specifically for the wedding.  

We look forward to sharing other photos from this event once we get them. 

Design & Coordination - A Charleston Event
Decor, Draping and Florals - Charleston Florals
Venue - Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation
Entertainment for Ceremony and Reception - Other Brother Entertainment
Cupcakes - Cupcake in Mt Pleasant
Rentals - Snyder Event Rentals and A Charleston Event
Photography - Karyn Iserman (coming shortly)

All images on this site remain the property and copyright of A Charleston Event. 

Elizabeth & Matt's Wedding

When Elizabeth and Matt decided on the ideal spot to exchange vows on June 24th, they used Elizabeth's experience to fall back on and her knowledge of sites that she had worked with prior.  You see, Elizabeth worked with A Charleston Event for nearly two years on a part time basis, originally starting off as an intern while studying at the College of Charleston.  
One of her favorite weddings that she had worked on in the past was held at this very same place and it was for another one of A Charleston Event's own planners.  "I just fell in love with the backdrop and the flow of the event space", says Elizabeth.  "It really was exactly what Matt and I envisioned for our wedding day. " 
The large oak tree served as the true southern backdrop for the ceremony itself. With small accents of color matching the wedding theme of purples and apple greens, it took no time at all to transform this magnificent tree into a romantic scene for the order of ceremony.   Simple pew markers of like-colored flowers were attached to natural wood chairs and purple petunias from local farms were the focal point markers for the bridal party to stand.  A large lantern held the matching candle inside that held the Unity Candle Elizabeth and Matt lit during their ceremony.  This ensured the candle stayed lit throughout, even on a breeze filled waterway.  
Lounge seating was set up on the wrap-around porch in front of the huge fireplace where a 3ft moss covered monogram initial hung to symbolize the couple's last name.  The bouquets stood on the sides of the fireplace hearth on pretty wrought iron stands with different levels to show off their bright colorful combination of hydrangea, lisianthus, roses, sweet peas, iris, fugi mums and bells of Ireland to remember the Irish ancestry in the family.  A friend of the family made the precious little cushions and table runner for the lounge seating area to match the rest of the wedding colors.  
During Elizabeth and Matt's engagement session with Richard Bell Photography, they kept in mind the types of photos they wanted displayed at their wedding, which would serve as a 'guest book' that would prominently be forever displayed in their new home
Instead of just signing the guest book, the couple also wanted to add some fun for after the festivities were over.  Elizabeth opted to buy souvenir post cards that guests could write messages on.  After the wedding, the post cards will all be sent to the couple over the period of a couple of weeks so they can continue to receive well wishes even after the wedding is over.
The bride also painstakenly collected small green and purple medicine jars and vases to scatter around the reception site.  As one of the guests commented, "We knew we would be attending a beautiful wedding in Charleston.  We just didn't realize it would be like a little slice of heaven."

All of us at A Charleston Event & Bridal Library wish Elizabeth and Matt a lifetime of love and happiness.  We're so excited to show this small sneak preview of the wedding.  We cannot wait to see the professional photos from Richard Bell Photography.  We also thank the I'On Creek Club for their wonderful site, the fabulous staff and assistance they provided on the day and Charleston Florals partner florist Karen Spalviero from Keepsakes Florist for all the beautiful floral designs.  Most of all, the ACE Team for rocking out another wonderful wedding for one of our very own!

Wedding Design - A Charleston Event & Bridal Library
Venue - I'On Creek Club, Mt Pleasant
Floral Design - Charleston Florals, Keepsakes Florist
Catering & Bar - Creek Club

Ceremony Entertainment - Classical Charleston
Reception Entertainment - Permanent Vacation
Wedding Cake - Ashley Bakery
Photography - Richard Bell Photography
Rentals - I'On Creek Club, A Charleston Event and Snyder Party Rentals

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet Southern Charm

When Caila and Bill decided to hold their Destination Wedding in Charleston, they also had specific ideas about the theme. As you can tell, the bride loved pink tones. She also loved vintage lace, doilies and antique touches. The sweet southern backdrop of a local plantation home provided the beautiful setting that incorporated items from the bride and groom's childhood and family memories.

The bride supplied antique candelabras. Childhood photos of the couple and family members adorned the guest book table along with other keepsakes.
The groom's grandmother crocheted the beautiful doilies that were placed throughout the reception site as well as the gorgeous pin cushion pictured above. Even the antique pin was added to bring an extra cherished element.
The bride's gown was made of English Lace. Charleston Florals pulled left over fabric from the bride's alterations on her wedding gown and used the left over fabric to wrap the bride's bouquet. An added lace skirt was incorporated into the handle of the bridal bouquet and matching pedestal floral arrangements were created with similar lace fabric to carry out the theme. These were used on each table alongside the bridesmaid's bouquets in different vintage glassware to provide a dramatic effect to each table.

The couple are big sweet lovers. It was no surprise that they chose Artistic Cakes by Linda to create their wedding cake with three layers of different cake flavors. If you look real close, you'll note the lace design on the cake that is also made up up B's and C's (for Bill and Caila). Very subtle and special. The hanging chandelier in the background mimicked the upside down shape of the cake and held a matching cake-topper.
Antique Mason Jars held whimsical flowers in them with streaming color coordinated ribbon that were used to line the ceremony aisle on shepherd's hooks. They were later pulled, had lights dropped in and used to line the staircase to light the way up and down the stairs at the venue. To break up the florals, peacock feathers were put in every other jar going up the steps.
We love happy endings. Congratulations again to Caila & Bill. We loved being a part of your wedding day and wish you continued happiness as you celebrate your lives together.

Thanks to:

Captured by Kate Photography for the gorgeous images captured during the wedding day
Charleston Florals Team for floral design and decor
Artistic Cakes by Linda - Wedding Cake
A Charleston Event - Specialty Rentals and Lighting
Group Dynamics - Furniture Rentals
A Charleston Event & Bridal Library - Planning, Coordination and Design


Weddings are not just about the champagne toast anymore. In fact, there are a lot of people that just do not drink champagne and the number of times we have witnessed the un-sipped glasses of champagne sitting on the tables for the banquet staff to clean up is unbelievable. So what's the answer? Well, you could just offer champagne right before the toasts, which should be a 'passed offering'. This way, those who do not drink champagne can decline politely and you'll not be 'out-of-pocket' on the expensive bubbly stuff.

There is something to be said about the drinks you serve at your wedding however. Whether you are serving alcohol or not, there is no doubt that hosting the cocktail hour with beautifully appointed drinks will add to the excitement and celebration of the day. Selecting a single or a few signature drinks will certainly allow your guests to see both your personalities shine through the wedding celebrations.
Selecting cocktails can be a tough one if you're not used to
experimenting with different drinks. That is where a licensed and experienced bar service and planner come into the picture.

We all specialize in our different lines of business. That's why you hire the specialists in their field. Why is it then, that so many couples today really
think they can handle the BAR when it comes to their weddings? Why would you even dream of having an open bar which has no control over who is being served e.g. under age kids, already highly intoxicated, the gardener....OK...I'm exaggerating, but you get my point. The worse thought in the world is the accident that took place after a wedding because the driver was so highly intoxicated from drinking at that wedding and no one realized it. What an awful thought each and every year on that wedding anniversary. (True story) Not to mention the liability attached to the 'HOST' of the wedding.

So on that thought, we've established that a licensed, insured and tip certified bar service is undoubtedly the way to go. They can monitor who's drinking responsibly and
they can be the 'bad guy' when it comes to cutting someone off. They can also take an ordinary wedding and turn it into an unbelievably divine event and add to the ambiance and theme of the event. They will set up your bar, clean up afterwards and ensure you don't run out of certain drinks during the course of the event. For the price of a couple of extra service staff, your guests will feel as if they are in a 5 star resort being pampered with attention as they witness the array of awesome colorful concoctions being passed.

By all means, pass the wine and beer. However, offer a couple of alternatives, including non-alcoholic beverages for those that do not partake in alcohol consumption. There are still awesome drinks that in my mind could and should be served, that should look as beautiful and enticing as the 'apple to Adam'. Everything you serve at your wedding should be gorgeously inspired by the overall theme of the event.

If you look closely on these pretty drinks on the left, you'll notice they have place cards attached to them. What a wonderful way to welcome your guests to where they'll be seated? And of course, let's never forget the good old 'on the rocks' glasses even for the south's favorite - Sweet Tea Vodka.

One thing is for sure, you'll not be limited to ideas. Put some thought behind the theme of your wedding and perhaps the colors, environment where you'll be holding the event, the time of year and most of all, your own personalities. Speak to your planner and your bartender. Allow them to help you come up with some unique ways of serving a great surprise for all your guests. Just think about the photos after the wedding.

For more information on cocktail ideas (photos), check out:


Also, for licensed Bar Service in the Charleston Area, check out
MIX Charleston

Cheers and Happy Planning!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcone Back

We want to take this opportunity to welcome back Mandi Kasey who briefly left A Charleston Event to have her beautiful son Wyatt. She has recently relocated back to Charleston from Ohio.

Amongst other exciting changes in her life, Mandi will be on hand to help all our brides with their planning needs, floral design and a shoulder to lean on when the need arises. Please feel free to call the office and ask for Mandi to chat about decor and planning.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Hairstyles

Styles, Picture
of Wedding Hairstyles and Haircuts

There are enough things going on around you during the planning stages of a wedding and the last thing a lot of brides think about are doing a trial run for their hair for the wedding day.

A lot of brides just take it for granted that the person that cuts their hair will be doing their hair on their wedding day, only to find out that their hairstylist only does cut and color and really does not feel comfortable with 'updos'. Or perhaps they do not travel or are already booked on your wedding date.

So... you see where this is going? It's really about planning. Even your hairstyle needs to be planned out so you be confident that you will look and feel your best on your wedding day.

There are also a lot of other things to think about that may effect your decision on 'how' you will wear your hair on the big day. For instance,
  • What time of year will your wedding take place? Will it be hot outside? You will certainly want to feel and look cool, calm and collected, even on the hottest days. Perfect time to think about pulling your hair back or perhaps consider an 'updo'.

  • Will you mostly be indoors? If so, then you may not have to think about weather and other elements that may affect the 'staying power' of a great hairstyle. Heat (think sweat prevention) and intense cold (think static cling).

  • Do you even like wearing your hair UP? We so often hear about brides having their hair done in an 'updo' because everyone tells them they must do so. Why would you do that? You wouldn't wear black lipstick just to please your friends if you didn't feel comfortable (or would you)? Stand your ground on this one and experiment to make sure you have the perfect look for your day.

  • Do you have short hair and wear product? Again, experiment with your stylist to find some alternatives for perhaps a touch of color or different highlights.

  • A veil or no veil? If you're going to do a trial run with your stylist, make sure you take along your hair piece, ornamental combs or veil to see how the look will come together.

  • Will your bridesmaids also be requiring their hair to be done on the wedding day? If so, who will pay for it? Even though it is customary for the bride to offer to cover the charge for her attendants to have their hair done, a lot of brides today cannot afford this luxury and don't know how to broach the subject. Sooner than later is best. Find out what your stylist charges for blow dry, updos and other items such as makeup, air brush tanning, etc. If you can't afford it, let your attendants know in advance and give them the option of contacting and booking themselves. Don't close that door for them.

  • Most of all, have fun with your wedding hairstyle. You will be the most photographed person on your wedding day. Make the most of it and enjoy it. Take in the pampering and luxury of being spoiled. Think about using pretty hair ornaments, combs and hair jewelery. You're the 'guest celebrity' on your wedding day. Make the most of it and allow yourself to shine.
Some useful sites to get some hairstyle ideas are: