Saturday, October 31, 2009

Are you considering a Candy Bar or Dessert Table at your wedding reception?

Today's weddings incorporate fun and more whimsical ideas than the old fashioned traditional weddings where a served dessert and wedding cake only are served. Brides have a chance to show off their personalities by placing their favorite candy, popcorn or cookies at their reception and guests can treat themselves when they're ready or even take some home in treat bags.

When offering a treat bar, make sure it is easy access to all your guests or offer a server there to assist. If you are presenting your sweets in glassware, this will ensure there are no accidents.

Also consider having pre-packaged treats to send home with your guests with a short thank you note and a sweet dreams message from you and your groom. This will allow your guests to take a bit of your wedding home with them and enjoy the flavors even after the reception is over with.

Contact the Bridal Library for more ideas on customizing your wedding day celebrations with added treats! CLICK HERE
Photography courtesy of A CHARLESTON WEDDING

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