Monday, October 12, 2009

Catering Previews

We have been so blessed in working with such a large variety of wedding vendors in Charleston and one of the things we were asked to cover by our brides was more information on some of our favorite vendors. Today, we'd like to tip our hats publicly to two of our favorite caterers in Charleston.
Quite a few brides leave a lot of the menu planning up to their caterers and planners. Frankly speaking, we plan weddings and our caterers plan menus. We know what we like as individuals, but no one knows what your taste buds crave but you. So while we can make suggestions on menu favorites for your cocktail hour and reception, there is no simple answer to this question and there is no set menus to choose from.

Everything depends on your caterer and the dishes that they specialize in creating. For instance, above you'll see these wonderful little shrimp and grits pears that were created for a number of our weddings and special events by Iverson Catering. Any catering firm or chef can make shrimp and grits, but Chef Iverson created a twist on the original dish and came up with these wonderful two-bite morsels. Large jumbo shrimp are packed all around with a creamy seasoned grits (a southern favorite) and lightly breaded, baked and topped with a bay leaf.

Other options include things such as rolled flank steak with a seasonal garden vegetables display and accompanying mac & cheese singles with a ceasar salad station (chicken, shrimp and other toppings on the side, a pasta station and so much more. Iverson Catering

If you are thinking about something a little more relaxed without sacrificing the show, then perhaps you'll consider these wonderful finger sandwiches created by Royal Grand Events. It's all about the display of food. Here, Curtis Labitue arranged these chicken salad sandwiches on three different levels with a pretty sign that made the guests at this beach wedding feel like they were eating at a beautiful beach resort. A grand fruit and cheese display and fresh lemonade in beautiful decanters was also provided at this wedding and budgetary requirements were met while maintaining a beautiful and artful presentation.

Royal Grand Events

When all is said and done, what does your palate crave? If you're a meat lover, you can never go wrong with a great tenderloin or prime rib. Cou ntry ham biscuits are made differently by each catering company and make great appetizers or late reception snacks. Seafood lovers can enjoy a mixture of oysters, shrimp and local trigger fish with another southern favorite - crab cakes. Chicken, carved turkey or glazed ducking in a sweet orange sauce for poultry lovers and nothing beats a great mashed potato or pasta station for vegetarian options. The choices are unlimited.

Ask your caterer to send you their menu suggestions and choose from what they offer, but don't be shy in asking them if they can create a menu around your personalities and favorite foods. 99% will be more than happy to do this for you! Bon appetit!

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