Thursday, September 16, 2010

Traditional Guest Books ~vs~ New Ideas

Elizabeth and Brian's wedding on September 5 was beautiful. It had a lay-back feel with Family Games and a light, easy feel to the day. There was no doubt that a wedding was taking place, but after the small intimate and touching ceremony, everyone made their way over to the cocktail area and enjoyed refreshments, passed hors d'oeuvres, Bocce Ball and other lawn games.

There was a section of the site dedicated though to "Words of Wisdom" or better known as A Charleston Event's Guest Book area. This couple were nature lovers and loved the simplicity of river rock. So....we created that element just for them. Guests signed individual rocks and placed them into a bowl that the newlyweds will adorn their home. They will remember their wedding day fondly when they see the rocks each day.Old fashioned, more traditional guest books are small books with pages of well wishes that usually get tucked away into a closet and forgotten about. Today's savvy brides are thinking up clever ideas of making sure their book gets viewed and memories stay alive. This photo envelope book above offered by Target, allows photos to be taken, and the guest to write a message to insert into the book. These books come in an array of colors as well.

Probably one of my own personal favorites is the personalized 'Memories" guest book. The above book is created by Richard Bell Photography and their company actually include a book in your photography package. Nothing is more precious than the love you have for each other. When you book your photographer, ask him/her if they do engagement sessions. This serves two purposes, (1) it allows you to get to know your photographer before the wedding day and visa versa. You'll be old friends by the time the day comes along and its fun to share the memories of just the two of you together in a casual setting and (2) You'll receive some of the most beautiful photos of the two of you right before the wedding that no one else has viewed. If your photographer does not create these wonderful little books, do it yourself easily online. (Be sure to get copyright releases from your photography company prior to publishing any photos). Have your favorites from the session put into a guest book style (you can do this through or You can even combine these photos with the two of you growing up, photos of family and friends or just create blank pages for messages. The choice it yours. Once your guests sign the blank areas with messages, I promise, this will become a tabletop book you'll cherish for years to come.

Other ideas for guest wishes include
  • Signing Photo Mat
  • Signing Ceramic Platter
  • Etching Silver Platter
  • Quilt Patches
  • Messages in a bottle (to be placed in a time capsule)
  • Hardcover book on the wedding Destination Location
  • Puzzles
Here's some other helpful sites to get ideas:




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