Tuesday, September 21, 2010


On September 15, The new Loucountry Business Network had it launch party at the Vendue in and A Charleston Event was there to help setup and welcome local businesses to an awesome turnout of events. Over 250 people came out to show their support for this new and wonderfully exciting way to grow your business.

Spearheaded by networking guru Ellen Stebbins, business leaders from all categories showed up for the launch. At one point so many people showed up that people ran out of business cards. That didn't stop business owners from borrowing pens and jotting down names and contact information.

A Charleston Event provided the decor and setup for the event and GIVING BACK CHEER was the recipient of a 50/50 raffle which raised $160. Over $2,000 worth of products of local businesses were also raffled off.

Someone asked me why someone in the events industry would be interested in such a generic network of businesses. My answer was simple. Networking is a necessity in today's survival of business. Word of mouth is paramount to reaching new clients and meeting people in all walks of business and life itself is essential ti achieving your goals. Because our work is based on events, both small and large, both simple and elaborate and both small budget and high-end value, its a no brainer to me why someone would NOT want to be involved. We met people from the financial, insurance, web and media, contracting services, public relations, marketing, restaurant, real estate and even catering industries at the launch. We met people who we didn't even know were in Charleston. Now THAT'S a successful networking event.

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  1. Expanding your business network makes sense. Forrest Gump said:"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." Your business network is the same way. Business opportunities come from the strangest places!