Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding Reference Books

One of my favorite all-time favorite books is the Fantasy Weddings Book by Preston Bailey, Event Designer Extraordinaire.

Printed in 2004, the book still holds a place in our Bridal Library as an inspirational reference to all things fantasy-like when it comes to weddings. The looks that Preston creates is not for the light-at-heart. Each page will grasp your attention as you imagine yourself attending these elaborate affairs. Amazon now has this and many other fine books by Preston Bailey on sale through our Amazon finder. Click the bu
tton on our blog to view sale prices now on offer!

Another personal favorite and so very rich with wonderful ideas for weddings is Sasha Souza's fabulous best seller - Signature Sasha, Magnificent Weddings by Design. Each page is documented by outstanding photography and description and holds original and breath-taking ideas. I particularly love the way this book covers REAL weddings. A must for all brides who are looking for bright new ideas for planning their perfect day.

For brides who are thinking about planning a true southern wedding with flare and classic southern charm, Charleston's very own Tara Guerard's Southern Weddings has a glimpse of some of the South's most beautiful properties and Tara's signature style. In true form, the book is full of wonderful ideas, brilliant photography and helpful tips about planning a wedding in true southern fashion. Great sale through on our BLOG. Check it out!

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