Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guest book or not?

So many of our brides ask whether or not they should have the traditional 'guest book' at their wedding or perhaps a signing mat. There is nothing anywhere that states you absolutely MUST have a traditional guest book so why not have a little fun and get guests to sign something that you will view over and over again?

A signing mat is wonderful because it becomes part of your household decor with all your guest's well wishes continuously reminding you of the wonderful day.

If you are hosting a Destination Wedding, why not consider purchasing a book on the history of that city and encourage your guests to sign the inside front and back covers. This will allow you to reflect on your day over and over again while the book itself becomes a keepsake that can be used as a coffee table book instead of being retired to the box or closet that eventually gets emptied and thrown away.

Another option - if you do plan on using a traditional type guest book, make sure you keep it out and re-use it over and over again each time you have a dinner party once you're married. Ask guests to write something special about the evenings they share with you. These will make additional wonderful memories to carry on even after the happy wedding day. Eventually you will have to add books to your first and original wedding day guest book.

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