Thursday, March 4, 2010

Diann Valentine

Before the Million Dollar weddings and the breath-taking locales around the world, I was absolutely delighted in the opportunities to orchestrate intimate and personal dinner parties. When a woman (celebrity or not) would come to me and put her heart on the line and ask ‘How do I express my deepest heartfelt emotion for the man I love?” It was in these moments, that I was able to creatively push the envelope. For a client’s New Year’s Eve dinner plans, I convinced her to allow me to turn a romantic dinner into something so much more. What started as a simple evening for her and her man…

turned into the beginning of a fabulous love affair with Diann Valentine’s hands all over it! From the hand-written invitation, to the personal chef, private saxophonist, a reconfigured living room and a fireplace that sparkled…no detail was left untouched.

It is in these times that I discovered such creative materials as crushed glass, mondo grass and Plexiglas and allowed my imagination to run wild with its uses. Fast Forward – it is these pure assignments that I find my soul longing for the most. Not the private jets, entourage in tow or the lush landscapes but ah! – this feels like a calling for me to return to my first love. What are the design jobs that I was willing to do even if there was no pay at all…Dinners After Dark! What is your first love?

Keep Spreading the Love,

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