Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cake or Dessert?

I've had a number of brides lately asking me if they 'HAVE' to have a wedding cake. The answer is simple. No. There is no written rule that every wedding must have a wedding cake and although most traditional weddings today still do formalities such as the cake cutting and sharing of the cake, more and more couples are opting out in favor of dessert stations and candy bars. A sweet tooth is a sweet tooth, right?

In lieu of the traditional wedding cake, you could also serve the groom's cake at the reception instead of the rehearsal dinner. (Groom's cakes were traditionally served at the groom's party or the rehearsal dinner as the dessert). Or have a selection of desserts including cakes, pies and sweets. There's sure to be something for everyone. As for me? I still say, "let them eat cake". There is nothing like the flavor of fresh buttercream nestled in moist cake with the scent of the wedding cake permeating the room to confirm the wedding reception has started. No matter what you serve at your wedding, Cheers! And....Bon Appetite!

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