Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the Season for Giving Back

This is my favorite time of year. I love the smell of fresh pine from hanging wreaths, the smell of cinnamon through the air, the festive colors throughout the stores and most of all, the great holiday parties going on all over town.

There's also a part of me that always gets a
little melancholy. I see so many people that cannot afford to enjoy the things we take for granted every day. There are people that have just lost their jobs or perhaps a loved one or are struggling with little ones who are just trying to make end's meet. An elderly neighbor may have just lost their spouse of 50 years and of course the family up the street just hit rock bottom because Dad was just laid off work.
Its sometimes hard to smile and be happy all the ti me when you see and hear stories like this. However, we live in the real world and it exists.

The holiday season, (no matter what religion you are) is being able to share your love and happiness, even in some small way with a stranger, a neighbor or someone else who needs it. It's called Giving Back Cheer" and it doesn't have to cost us a fortune.

Nothing gives any of us more pleasure tha
n seeing smiling happy faces and especially sharing our happiness with other people. Just imagine what it would be like if we could wake one morning and never see poverty again or never see hardship. Imagine everyone having a wonderful holiday season without pain or misery. Imagine everyone having HOPE in their lives? Even the slightest glimmer of hope...for an unfortunate soul could be the difference of life or death.
This post is not supposed to be depressing. Its supposed to be uplifting to those of us who can afford to give back a little cheer to others. Even if we don't have the financial ability to do so, perhaps a helping hand to an elderly person, hot meal to a college student, a subway sandwich and a coffee to a homeless person. Perhaps its just a matter of volunteering at a shelter, orphanage or animal shelter one day. It could be something as simple as talking to someone in line at the supermarket and giving them the gift of a smile and a warm compliment.
On Dec 2, A Charleston Event partnered up with some of Charleston's finest local businesses to help GIVE BACK CHEER to over 800 fortunate families who will benefit from help from Families Helping Families, the initiative of the non-profit Palmetto Project. Each year, Families Helping Families help families who have been selected through local agencies and services that truly need a helping hand.
Caters, local designers, bakers, entertainment specialists, and of course wonderful v
olunteers who came out to lend a helping hand in creating the 2nd annual GIVING BACK CHEER fundraiser event for charity. The Thomas Bennett House served as the backdrop for a festive evening of food, drinks and great entertainment. A silent auction was held and the items were donated by local businesses that truly want to GIVE BACK and help make a difference. The house even opened three days before the event to allow the public to do candle lit tours through the historic home, that was decorated in true holiday fashion for the season's opening event.
So this year, as A Charleston Event sends out happy holiday wishes to all our families, friends, clients (past, present and future), colleagues and vendors who always come through for us, we'd like to extend a further wish that you always stay in good health, that you always prosper and that you always have love in your lives. With this good wishes coming your way, may you also always share your good fortune with others and extend a helping hand and loving heart. Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2011 to you all!

Thanks to the following people/companies, more families are able to have a holiday filled with HOPE this year.
Thomas Bennett House
A Charleston Event
Charleston Florals
Live 5 News
N D Richardson Graphics
Event Works
New Dream Catering
Brick Lane Catering
Newton Farms Catering
Gourmet Bay Catering
Artistic Cakes by Linda
Lucy Sweets
Yoj Events
Low Country Renovations
MIX Premier Bartending
The Lowcountry Business Network
Anastopoulo & Clore, LLC
Posh Salon
Virginia College
White Tuxedo Productions
Head Turner Studios
Wild Flowers
Connie Duglin Linens
AV Connections
Archer Music
Christy Roper, Tracy Bollettino, Ellen Walsh, Nora Richardson, Chef Eric Gaffin, Francesca DiSalvo-Follmer, Terri Grooms, Ellen Stebbins, Glen Sojourner, Angela Hensley McKee, Linda McCormick, Dave Guevara, Shannon Ross, Elizabeth Cote, Zein Rahman, Nick Matutina, Lawson Roberts & DJ Nate, Larry Monteith, ALL the very many people who donated silent auction items and of course, Richard Bell Photography, Giving Back Cheer's Official Photographer

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