Friday, June 18, 2010

Dazzling Bouquets

A Charleston Event & Bridal Library have done countless amounts of weddings and seen an unusual amount of wedding bouquets over the years. None leave as many memories as those that are artistically created out of crystals and embellishments.
I have never grown tired of seeing these beautiful creations. I also remember early 2000 through 2004 it was almost a fad, trendy and the 'thing to do' to carry these 'treasures' down the aisle.

We used to order crystal bouquets for brides that wanted something unique and a bouquet they could have as a keepsake for a lifetime. Instead of preserving the traditional floral wedding bouquet, brides would order these exquisite pieces and feel like royalty on their wedding day.Crystal bouquets are a work of art. They take countless hours to create and no bouquet is like another. Each will be unique and can be customized to size, color and theme of the wedding. My most prominent memory of an exquisite bouquet was one that was created for one of our brides in 2005. Our bride was getting ready to walk down the aisle on her father's arm in the back of the church. As the doors of the church opened, the sun's rays flooded in and hit her bouquet. Around her, thousands of unbelievable prisms danced through the air and throughout the church as the bride walked down the aisle. You could hear the gasps from everyone in the church. (TRUE STORY!!!)

Another wonderful thing about crystal artists is that their talents do not stop at just creating beautiful bouquets. They can create tussie mussies for keepsake mother's bouquets, hair pieces and wonderful boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen to match the wedding theme.

As in this photo above by Crystal Bloom, making it a bridal event and having everyone match the theme, will truly create a unique and memorable day.

For more information on these and other gorgeous crystal creations, check out the sites of:
DC Handmade Vintage Wedding Bouquets and Crystal Bloom Bouquets & Accessories

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