Thursday, January 14, 2010

Featured Couple: Mikey & Chris

The WHO (and how we met):

Chris and I met in the Fall of 2003 through a friend at an Elon Football game. Over Winter Term (or a mini-mester aka J-term) our friendship grew. In fact, it wasn’t until almost half-way through my Sophomore year, his Junior year, that we officially began dating.

The HOW (we got engaged):

In the Fall of 2008, Chris surprised me by taking me to Bermuda. (He had been very insistent about taking a vacation in the months prior, but I was reluctant because I had just started a new job and had ZERO vacation time.) Chris sorted that out, and called my boss and got me the time off.

While in Bermuda, we explored the island – kayaking, snorkeling, and cycling. On the third night of the trip, Chris suggested a walk down on the beach. With the sun just on the verge of setting, I agreed and we headed off to the beach. Unsatisfied with the first location we stopped at, Chris suggested one of the more private cove beaches at the resort.

Once there I sat in a lounge chair and immediately began star-gazing like a nerd. Chris on the other hand got down on one knee and the rest is history.

The WHERE (Charleston):

We chose Charleston for it’s Southern charm and location. Chris and I have always been fond of South Carolina, and with my love of historic Savannah, GA – Charleston seemed like the logical combination. After much on-line research my mind was made up.

In fact, after my first visit to Charleston on the Charleston Wedding FAM Weekend Tour I was overjoyed with the selection. (In due time… step B will be to move to Charleston… or at least the Region.)

The WHY (we choose A Charleston Event):

So why did I decide to put my wedding day in the hands of A Charleston Event? That was actually the easy part. ACE simply understood what I was looking for. They know the Charleston area far better than I ever could as an outsider trying to plan a destination wedding. Elyn’s smiling face put me at ease and when I met Christy, I knew that they would make sure my wedding vision would come to life.


When I first got engaged my first thought was OMG where do I being? How do I communicate my vision? Do I even have a vision? Wait... I have to make how many decisions??

Well with the help of my mom and Christy, I have stayed the course and can happily say most of the major decisions are out of the way.

Venue – check. Photographer – check. Caterer – check. Music – check. Save the dates – check.

Venue - The Governor Thomas Bennett House

Photographer - Heather Forsythe

Caterer - Iverson Catering

Music - Permanent Vacation

Florals - Charleston Florals (A Charleston Event)

Rentals - A Charleston Event

But the bigger question still remains: How do I connect all of the things I love in my “Inspiration” folder* with the loose vision I have for our Wedding day?

Well, I’m learning to self-edit. Weeding out the items that I like but don’t love; items that were too kitschy or too trendy; finding myself in the mass of images I have collected over the last 13 months.

So, that’s where I am now. 5 months out. Connecting all of the little details and decisions to color in the frame work the major decisions have outlined. I just can’t wait to stand there on May 30th and see the total picture come together. But first one more visit to Charleston to finalize details and see table mock-ups and vendors at ACE’s new office and showroom! (Eek!)

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