Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wedding Photography

Where are the days going? Seems like yesterday that we were planning and trying to decide what to use as a theme for Christy's wedding. Now its come and gone and we feel like we should still be working on it. planners go through withdrawals too. Not just brides. After all the preparation, flowers, decor and orchestration, the finale seems like an anti climax and all of a sudden its over.

Which is what brings me to this subject. Thank goodness for photographs. These are your forever memories. They are a lifetime of reminders of the magical day you got married. They hold precious elements of the key ingredients that made your wedding so special. That's why if we can advise our brides to invest on any one thing during the wedding planning process, think carefully about your photography. This doesn't mean the most expensive. It just means hiring a professional who will get the photographs you are looking for. You want these photos to show your children one day.

When looking for a photographer, ask some very simple questions:
  • How long have you been working as a professional photographer
  • How many weddings do you shoot in a weekend
  • Do you bring an assistant
  • How long will he/she be with you on the day of your wedding
  • Do they have samples of their work
  • Do they have verifiable references
  • How long before you will be able to see your photos
  • How does the editing process work
  • Will you be able to order online as well
Do not be afraid to ask questions. Its also a good thing to include a photo session of the two of you or a bridal session before the wedding once you've booked your photographer, so you can get to know each other more. Your photographer (and your wedding planner) will be the ones you spend the most of your time with on your wedding day.

We will be posting pics of Christy's wedding shortly, but the pic above is a sneak preview of her bouquet. I took this photo and just cannot wait to see the photos that Heather Forsythe took. The quality and colors, not to mention the focus will be supreme compared to my little 10MP Cannon.

In the meantime, here's some of the photographers we love:

Taylor Stewart Photography
Richard Bell Photography
Heather Forsythe Photography
A Charleston Wedding
Marni Rothschild Photography
Lowry McKee Photography

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