Monday, September 28, 2009

Wedding Hankies & Linens

Want a keepsake that will be cherished and used at the same time? Try these simple but precious embroidered handkerchiefs. This one has been used to wrap the small nosegay bouquet for the mother of the bride. Another was made for the mother of the groom and the grandmothers.
Handkerchiefs are used more and more again these days. Especially true for mothers after receiving the sensible and pretty little keepsakes. Try ordering a different one for each of your bridal party and don't dismiss the thought of giving one to Dad. Most men carry handkerchiefs as well, so why not give Dad a keepsake treat too with a special message stating that you're "Still Daddy's Little Girl"?I'm particularly fond of Fine Linen and Lace and love the idea of linen runners for cake tables, guest seating and head tables. These are things that can add special touches to your wedding and then be used every day throughout your marriage.

Buying good linen should be viewed the same as buying good china. It can be an investment and it is something that you will use over and over again. Embroidered napkins, table cloths and even good linen doilies. Every bride should have some linen and/or lace to add to her hope chest! Linen pillow cases, pillows, bath towels or even the ring bearer pillow. Find a place like Oakbrook Embroidery in Summerville that will put monograms, messages or anything that will fit on to handkerchiefs or other fabrics and materials, and you're all set.What about these great lace umbrellas for the bridal party?
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