Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Planning my wedding - Christy Ruthsatz

So Elyn was right! Just because I am a wedding planner does not mean that planning my own wedding would be easy. I'm having a wonderful time. However I'm still going through what I see my own brides go through. Changes, challenges and watching the results of all my decisions finally start coming together.

My biggest challenge? BUDGET! Let's talk budget! Let's face it, we are all on one! Just because I am in the biz does not mean that I do not have a budget. Even with having plenty of people ready to do what they can to help, numbers add up fast. I am having to follow my own advice to all our brides and the biggest and best advice for brides is to decide up front what you can and can't do without.

Some tips:

  • Be realistic and honest about your budget!

  • Unless your budget is endless, you just can't do or have it all!

  • Be creative! Some of the things you think might be out of your budget, could possibly be done in a less expensive way.

  • Never think or use the word "cheap". It is what I consider the "C" word! Just because you find a "less expensive" way to do things does not mean it is cheap. "Cheap" is bargain basement or garage sale when you want to get rid of something, not a word you use for planning your special day. It's not wedding chic and it's not going to happen when planning a wedding.

  • Being "cost savvy" and conscious of your budget ahead of time, planning it all out and sticking to it...that makes you a smart bride:)

  • Always look to your wedding planner to help you come up with creative ideas. Remember, this is why you have hired them...among many other reasons:)

In closing, last week I went through one of the happiest experiences of my planning experience. I had my first fitting of my wedding dress. And yes...I absolutely LOVE my dress! My mother and my sister were there with me, along with my future mother-in-law and Elyn. I truly realised when I finally had it all on that "this is really happening". I'm really getting married! I'm ready to do this and it's not that far away. All the emotions set in. Excitement, joy and a little anxiety too. I also realised that day that I still have soooo much more to do before November 14. With help from my wonderful family, some fabulous wedding vendors and of course Elyn, I know everything will turn out wonderfully.

Keep checking back as I hope to be someone that can share ideas, advice and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!! We would also love to get your feedback or any questions you may have, whether its about my wedding or some general questions about your own! More coming soon.

Happy planning!

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