Friday, April 10, 2009

Cost Effective Props and Rentals

Nowadays, more brides are looking for most cost effective and green ways to decorate their wedding receptions without having to cut back on quality. One way I suggest is to start looking for more unique options that will also give that WOW factor.
At A Charleston Event and Bridal Library, we stock a wide variety of glassware and small lighting effects that are perfect for centerpieces on guest tables as well as focal points throughout the reception site. These are rented as opposed to being bought and are used over and over again, with the exception of the small amount of florals that are inserted to soften the look of the glass cylinders. The lampshades themselves are utilized on a variety of different stands, vases and cylinders in order to bring a couple's personal look to each table.

Also, these unique little etched lanterns make great accents on the cake table, cocktails and hung at different levels. Placed with an electronic candle, they are ideal for beach and outdoor weddings when votives just won't stay lit due to windy conditions.

For more ideas on props and rentals, check back on this blog and be sure to check the Bridal Library site for updates. The new website will be completed in June.

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