Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

I cannot believe that 2008 is nearly over. It has been a whirlwind year and I am now trying to focus on the upcoming 2009 calendar, as well as joining the 21st century by learning how to BLOG. You'll all have to forgive me if I'm not even close to mastering this. Hopefully by the end of 2009, I will have a much better sense of blogging and be able to share some useful information along the way.

It is my sheer intention to share with you all, some of my favorite weddings, tips for cost-cutting ideas as well as wonderful experiences we have along the way.

I'm excited to get started and what better way than to start with the recent celebrations of the holidays.

Everyone that knows me, knows that my favorite thing in the world is to be surrounded my family. The next favorite thing is to be surrounded by my family during the holidays.

This year seemed to come so quickly. After a hectic December of Christmas parties and weddings, there hardly seemed time enough to decorate our own home in preparation for our family gathering. My neighbors laugh as each year, my house has less and less decorations on the outside (when we first moved here, we were the Griswalds with class of course). Wreaths on the outside and trimmed tree on the inside. All the collectibles from when the children were small adorning the living areas and sentimental heart tugs when unwrapping the little art pieces they had created throughout the years. Little by little, the garlands go up and fresh wreaths fill the house with the smells of Christmas. Candles are everywhere and sweets in every room. Let the festivities begin!
Aside from planning wonderful events for others, my daughter and I spend most of our holidays cooking and baking feasts of italian and indian delights and sharing with all that bless our threshold. We look forward the huge dinner at the end of our labors and reflecting on the year gone. Then we eat!
From our house to each and every one of yours, may the holidays and the upcoming new year bring you all much happiness and magic that only love can create! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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